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The difference between strand copper flexible cable and solid copper wire

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flexible cableThere are many types of copper core wire models, such as RVV, BVS, RVB and RV, etc. The wires will be indicated using English letters as well as numbers for ease of use and production. Need to use

The scene is not the same, the specifications of the selected copper core wire, the model is also different, should be combined with the actual reality, to select the copper core wire.

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1. how to buy copper core wire it

First of all, there should be 3c certification mark, there are many counterfeits on the market, all the good and bad of the wire, about the safety of our lives and property, good wire will be its production date, manufacturer, trademark and specifications, etc. marked out, and now it is also recommended to take apart the wire to see if there is no aging, discoloration, and good quality copper core its color is purplish red, with a luster. It is recommended that the wire will be repeatedly ravaged in the hands to observe whether it will have broken, deformed and wrinkled.

2. The difference between soft wire and hard wire

Soft wire is more expensive than hard wire, the use of soft wire costs more, and more materials. In construction, the decoration will be more like to use soft wire some, because the hard wire bending, pulling is very laborious, soft wire is more simple.

Hard wire resistance to pull, corrosion resistance, but also easy to bend many times after the brittle. Soft wire is the opposite, because the copper wire is small, and air contact is easy to oxidation, durability is poor.

In home decoration, generally choose hard wire as the main, soft wire as a supplement. Because of the long life of the hard wire, can not bend, so you can choose to bury in the ground to reduce the replacement; soft wire bending is not easy to break, good maintenance more suitable for connecting lines.

3. Soft-core copper cable and hard-core copper cable have the following characteristics.

1) Hard-core copper cable construction is relatively easy, but its contact surface is small, and over time than the multi-strand easy to loosen. Soft-core copper cable contact surface is larger, but the construction is relatively cumbersome.

2) Hard-core copper cable poor heat dissipation, overload rate is not good, but the wiring is reliable; soft-core copper cable soft-core copper cable heat dissipation is good, overload rate is higher than the single-core line but prone to false connections.

3) Hard-core copper cable is relatively economical.

Soft core cable, also known as soft structured conductor cable, usually multi-strand conductor, the more strands, the softer the state, the higher the corresponding manufacturing costs! The process is also more difficult when extruding the insulation.

Hard-core cables, also called hard conductor cables, have a single stranded conductor structure.

In comparison, the process is simple, the insulation can be extruded with a core die, simple manufacturing, easy to control, and lower cost. The disadvantages are: the core is easy to break and not easy to bend.

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