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What are FTP (foiled twisted pairs) cables?

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twisted pair cable

The term FTP stands for foil twisted pairs. FTP networking cables often support Ethernet LAN. The cables are designed and constructed with a twisted pair or multiple twisted pairs of cores with an overall foil tape shield wound around the assembly. Twisting the cores together and covering with the foil shield helps to reduce cross–talk and electromagnetic interference.


FTP cable also known as F/UTP cabling is one of the three main types of twisted pair wiring. The other two types are UTP cable, where the twisted pairs are unshielded, and STP cable with twisted pairs screened with a braid.

FTP cables


S/FTP cable which incorporates a combination of both a foil shield and an overlapped braided shield.

F/FTP cable which is individually foil pairs and over all foil shield

U/FTP cable which is individually foil shielded pairs without over all foil shield.


F/UTP: Overall foil screen / Unscreened individual twisted pairs

S/UTP : Overall braided screen / Unscreened individual twisted pairs

SF/UTP : overall braided and foil screened / Unscreened individual twisted pairs

U/UTP : No overall screen / no individual screen, twisted pairs

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