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What is screened and unscreened cable?

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Screened and unscreened cable differences

1, The difference in appearance: 

Shielded cable and unshielded cable in the visual difference lies in the shielded cable has a metal mesh, film; unshielded cable is not.

Shielded twisted pair cable (STP) of each pair of wires are wrapped in foil to reduce amplitude, and then wrapped again to provide double protection:

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable twists each pair of wires together, consisting of multiple cores and a plastic sheath.

These wires are then wrapped in the conduit without any other protection.

2, Screened cable with screened crystal head with, can effectively stop the surrounding grass and other high-power appliances and strong power supply electromagnetic radiation interference, significantly reducing the signal transmission error rate.

Non-shielded cable, due to the different materials used in its jacket and conductor structure, resulting in the strength of the non-shielded cable interference.

3, The installation of different degrees of simplicity: shielded cable can reduce interference, but its installation, need to be equipped with special links to support the shielding function ware and the corresponding installation techniques, so the installation of shielded cables, to be more difficult than non-shielded cables.

4, The application is different

(1) shielded cable only works when the entire cable is shielded and properly grounded at both ends. Therefore, the laying of shielded cable requires the entire system is all shielded devices, including cables, sockets, crystal heads and wiring frames, etc., while the building needs to have a good grounding system.

Electric dry screen pay cable is very useful in any environment where there is a high possibility of electronic interference useful, so it can be used in radio station cable red and in airport cable assemblies.

STP cable is also used in stabilized systems to protect them from power frequency and RF interference, and in box buildings with several different assemblies in close proximity to each other.

(2) Unshielded cables (UTP) do not use shielding to reduce interference, and because they are lightweight and flexible, easy to install, and inexpensive, unshielded cables are suitable for use as office LANS and similar network cabling systems.

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