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To produce each meter, we make with care!

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To produce each meter, we make with care!

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    What are annealed conductors?

    Copper conductors go through a considerable amount of work hardening as the copper rod is drawn down through ever decreasing die sizes until the required conductor dimension is achieved. Copper in this state is known as hard drawn copper.

    17 03 2023
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    What are the benefits of Rubber insulated cables?

    Rubber has been used as cable insulation and sheathing material long before other insulation such as PVC and PE can to be commonly applied. It remains widely used across domestic and industrial applications.

    16 03 2023
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    What are FTP (foiled twisted pairs) cables?

    The cables are designed and constructed with a twisted pair or multiple twisted pairs of cores with an overall foil tape shield wound around the assembly. Twisting the cores together and covering with the foil shield helps to reduce cross–talk and electromagnetic interference.

    16 03 2023
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    How is electrical energy generated from solar power?

    Sunlight is converted into electrical energy by photovoltaic (PV) cells. The PV cells consist of layers of semi-conductive material designed to be either N-type (negative) or P-type (positive). The light (photons) which is absorbed is used to excite electrons from their atomic structure which then c

    10 03 2023
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    How do electrical cables work?

    Electrical cables work by providing a low resistance path for the current to flow through. Electrical cables consist of a core of metal wire offering good conductivity such as copper or aluminium, along with other material layers including insulation, tapes, screens, armouring for mechanical protection, and sheathing.

    10 03 2023
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