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China 2x2.5mm2 Copper conductor 6242Y 2.5mm Twin and Earth Cable Flat electrical wire

BS6004 6242Y cable China 2x2.5mm2 Copper conductor 6242Y 2.5mm Twin and Earth Cable Flat electrical wire
  • 6242Y

  • XITE

  • 8544492100

  • Copper

  • 300/500v, 450/750V

  • XLPE or PVC

  • PVC or PE

  • Unarmored

  • Flame Retardant, Antiflaming, Fire resistance, LSZH

BS6004 China 2x2.5mm2 Copper conductor 6242Y 2.5mm Twin and Earth Cable Flat electrical wire

1.5 mm twin and earth round cable-XITE CABLE electrical cable 2.5 mm twin and earth-XITE

2 core and earth 2.5 mm introduction:

Product standard:

The production standard for anti-flaming and fire-resistant cables is GB/T19666-2005,GB/T5023-2008,JB/T8734-2012

Uo/U is 450/750V,300/500,

Conductor: Solid Copper

Insulation: PVC

Number of cores: twin and earth, 2 core+earth

Other special characteristics: Design and manufacture according to the requirements of customers.

Standard: The product implement the standards GB/T5023, equivalent to IEC60227. And it can also be made complying with ASTM, DIN, BS 6004 standards etc. In addition, we can design and manufacture the products as the requirements of customers.

Service performance:

1. Rated voltage: 450/750V

2. Long-term working temperature: not be higher than 70°C

3. When laying the cable, the ambient temperature should not lower than 0°C

4. Minimum bending radius: Bending radius≥4D as cable overall diameter≤25mm; Bending radius≥6D as cable overall diameter>25mm.

6. Structure diagram

Section(mm2) Conductor   construction Insulation   Thickness Sheath   Thickness Overall   Diameter(mm)
2*1+1 1.12/1.12 0.6 mm 0.9 mm 4.40*7.90
2*1.5+1 1.35/1.12 0.7 mm 0.9 mm 4.80*8.80
2*2.5+1.5 1.74/1.35 0.8 mm 1 mm 5.60*10.40
2*4+1.5 7*0.83/1.35 0.8 mm 1 mm 6.30*11.80
2*6+2.5 7*1.02/1.74 0.8 mm 1.1 mm 7.10*13.60
2*10+4 7*1.34/7*0.83 1 mm 1.2 mm 8.50*16.90
2*16+6 7*1.70/7*1.02 1 mm 1.3 mm 9.80*19.90

2.5 flat twin and earth cable Application

PVC insulated wires is suitable for laying at the fixed places. It is widely used in connecting of power device, lighting, daily electrical appliance, instrument etc. with AC rated voltage up to and including 450/750V(U0/U).

Applicable to the cables and wires of rated yolatage 450/750V and less than 450/750V AC for power plant, householdelectrical applance,insurment and telecommunication equipment.

The 6242Y wire is suitable for outlets and lighting where pyrotechnic emissions and toxic smoke pose a potential threat to life and equipment, dry or wet locations, and is suitable for laying in-line troughs or pipes.

Cables with Low smoke zero halogen, fire resistance, flame-retardant is our advantage, we have National Patent Certificate on it.

We have CCC and ISO9001 certificate, we can accept ODM, OEM and also can accept personal customized.

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